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Hindsight: The Sea Change

Hindsight: The Sea Change

A deeper look inside our reporting on addiction treatments, in our first subscriber-only episode

Hello there listeners,

Today we're excited to share our first Hindsight episode of Reflector. The idea behind these particular episodes is to embody our commitment to transparency in journalism by following up on each of our stories with a less formal deep dive into our reporting and the larger social themes we explore.

Today, Matt and I are joined again by our friend Katie from our episode “The Sea Change.” Together, we respond to listeners' feedback and criticism, expand on some important topics left out of the episode, share some fun recommendations, and more.

And if you’d like to submit your own feedback for future Hindsight episodes you can always leave a comment on our website or shoot us a voice memo or email to:

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Happy listening, and we’ll be back soon with new stories ranging from the surprising history of US presidential election denial, an update on the ongoing debate around sex and gender, and an interview with a recent Grammy Award-winning rapper about why humans are drawn to music and entertainment about murder.

PS: For those of you who’ve listened to our two episodes about “rap on trial” (Filthy Slime Part 1, Filthy Slime Part 2), there’s lots of news this week in Young Thug’s RICO case in Atlanta. In short, Young Thug’s famous defense attorney, Brian Steel, will be going to jail on Friday at 7 pm and may eventually be housed in the same jail as his client.

Steel has been defending Young Thug against charges of criminal conspiracy, but this week he claimed that a star witness had been pressured to testify in a secret meeting. He essentially asserted (as he’s implied since his opening argument) that the real conspiracy isn’t perpetrated by his client, but against his client. The judge has ordered Steel to be held in contempt for refusing to disclose who told him about this alleged secret meeting. It’s a mess. And it’s all being live streamed on Youtube. What a world. 

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